A Fresh Start

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A Fresh Start

Getting a Fresh Start

Bad things happen to good people.  When bad things happen, then you may need a FRESH START.  Dana Ehrlich is the fresh start attorney.  He has decades of experience in handling financial crises of all kinds and has handled thousands of bankruptcy cases.

We All Make Mistakes

Our good friend said one day, “People make mistakes.  That’s why pencils have erasers.”  And we would add to that:  there are some things in live that can’t be avoided.  Things like:  sickness, illness, disease, accident, job loss, unemployment, underemployment, divorce, broken promises, dreams unfulfilled, business disaster, alcoholism and gambling, unexpected expenses, moving, natural disaster, and getting hurt.  And that’s not the whole list.

You Have Options

Bankruptcy may be the fresh start you are looking for.  There are several kinds of bankruptcy.  You can “wipe out” your dischargeable debts, called a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or you can do a payment plan, called Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

You Get to Keep Exempt Property

A fresh start means that you get to keep the things you need:  your home, your necessary transportation, your household goods and furnishings, your retirement plans and your future wages and salary, and many other things.  A fresh start means a new financial beginning and a new future.  Go for it!

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